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About Us

Company introduction

Shenzhen weitu universal hot runner accessories co., LTD is a collection of r & d, manufacturing, network sales and marketing, integrated high-tech enterprises.

The company is divided into: hot runner parts business division, electrical business division, injection business division, sheet metal business division, machine plus business division, software business division and (subsidiary) shenzhen liudao temperature control box technology co., LTD.

Hot runner accessories division, more than 5,000 square meters, more than 100 workers. Specializing in the production of hot runner peripheral accessories.

Main products:

Hot runner temperature control box, timing controller, junction box, heavy-duty connector, bus plate, solenoid valve, temperature control box meter card, golden finger, ceramic head, sealing ring, heat insulation meson, copper strip, cylinder, heating ring, temperature sensing line, etc.

Choose to cooperate with us, will help you reduce the cost;Choose to cooperate with us, will provide you with the best solution;Choose to cooperate with us, will help you develop the market to be in the leading position.To provide you with a one-stop service, save money, time and efficiency.

We are in line with the concept of "master core technology, create accurate temperature control system" to serve the world. We are willing to work with you to create more professional products, based on the business district, to create a brilliant tomorrow.