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Single set of temperature control box

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Single set orange temperature control box / Hot runner single set of orange temperature control box / High quality single group orange temperature control box

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Intelligent soft start protection system
  • Intelligence prevent burn
  • Heat line and hot wire anti - burning
  • High current limiting function, Temperature control CARDS last longer
  • Heating tube short circuit, open circuit detection

Product Details

This configuration is the top configuration, specially used for processing difficult materials and products. 
1. It can control the high temperature from 0 to 680 degrees.
2. Shorten molding cycle and improve machine efficiency
3. Improve product surface quality and mechanical properties
4. no need to use three - plate mold can use point gate
5. Single product can be formed by side gate economically
6. Improve the degree of automation
7. available needle valve pouring 
8.industrial grade electronic components, suitable for any low and high temperature working environment
9.0V overvoltage protection function, zero line connection fault card 
10. large current limit function, temperature control card longer service life

01: control temperature difference: ±1

02: cold end compensation error: ≤±1 temperature coefficient

03: temperature control range: k-type thermocouple 0-800, j-type thermocouple 0-800

04: total output power: 3.5kw * circuit number

05: maximum output current of single circuit: 15A

06: alarm range: 0-100 free setting

07: applicable thermocouple model: K, J

08:Power supply: AC220V (three-phase four-wire 380V)

09: digital PID control

10:Working environment: -10-60 relative temperature 35%-85%RH, no corrosion

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